Eugene J. Pentz
  was born in Hungary in 1947.  He began his artistic career as a master woodcarver and sculptor with his father.  A three year apprenticeship in Budapest, studying under the leading Hungarian  master carvers refined his carving talents, meanwhile attending a fine arts school.  In his spare time he developed skills using the medium of oils. pastels and watercolours. 

After touring Europe he and his wife immigrated to Canada, settling in Toronto in 1970.  He was able to work as a woodcarver while learning English at night.  As finances allowed, Eugene purchased canvas, paints and brushes and returned to his longtime passion to create paintings.  When he moved to British Columbia his deep feelings for the Rockies and the wildlife gave him special inspiration.  The works of the great wildlife artists, Bateman, Parker, Doolittle and Lester, gave Eugene special inspiration while he retained his own unique perspective.  Remembering his childhood sensations when star-gazing and his continuing study of astronomy, he developed new ideas about the origin of man and all living things - the idea of the “Cosmic Series” was born. 

In 1973 Eugene and his family moved to Vancouver where, for three years he contracted to custom carve a staircase and dining room set for a West Vancouver resident.  After that they returned to the BC interior, settling in Invermere in the heart of the Rockies where Eugene was able to turn to his years long dream of creating the “Cosmic Series”.  Within 14 months he had completed nine pieces of this most fascinating project.

 “It took 35 years to harvest my childhood imagination.” says Eugene, “Like a puzzle of incomplete vision, I conceived by using my imagination and the gift of my artistic talent.  I am not sure how many pieces are missing to complete the subject.  I often wonder where this subject matter will take me.  It seems as endless as the universe itself.  We all have a reason to be here,  just listen to our inner abilities and we will find a purpose to be on this wonderful plant - Earth.”

 In 1998 Eugene re-located to Chemainus, Vancouver Island, BC, where he is surrounded by the world-famous murals which are visited by several hundred thousand annually from around the globe.

Eugene has had many group and individual exhibitions since coming to Canada.  His original paintings, limited and open edition prints, ornamental carvings and sculptures can be found all over the world in private homes and in major corporations such as Euro-Disney, in Paris, France.  Now the click of the mouse and the latest technical communication advances bring Eugene's work to millions of viewers.  Thus, opportunity and circumstances have made Eugene and his work more accessible to the world.